2011 Paris-Brest-Paris Route Maps (unofficial)

I've created these route maps so that in addition to the interface provided by the official PBP site, you can view the route directly in GoogleMaps. This lets you:

- View the route in a full-size window;
- Use Google street-views to look at the route (where available);
- View the route in Google Earth;

From the Toaster site, you can:

- Get cue sheets;
- Download directions as a CSV file;
- View the elevation profiles;
- Download gpx files;

For a spreadsheet with the cuesheets, a pdf file with the cuesheets, or a zip archive with gpx files matching the toaster routes below, visit Cue Sheets in the left sidebar.

Official PBP Route: paris-brest-paris.org

 Stage  Official GoogleMaps
 Stage 1 SQY->Mortagne
 stage1 stage1
 Stage 2 Mortagne->Villaines
 stage2 stage2 stage2
 Stage 3 Villaines->Fougeres stage3
 stage3 stage3
 Stage 4
 Fougeres->Tinteniac stage4 stage4 stage4
 Stage 5
 Tinteniac->Loudeac stage5
 stage5 stage5
 Stage 6
 Loudeac->Carhaix stage6 stage6 stage6
 Stage 7
 Carhaix->Brest stage7 stage7 stage7
 Stage 8
 Brest->Carhaix stage8 stage8
 Stage 9
 stage9 stage9 stage9
 Stage 10
 Loudeac->Tinteniac stage10 stage10 stage10
 Stage 11
 Tinteniac->Fougeres stage11 stage11 stage11
 Stage 12
 Fougeres->Villaines stage12 stage12 stage12
 Stage 13
 Villaines->Mortagne stage13 stage13 stage13
 Stage 14
 Mortagne->Dreux stage14 stage14 stage14
 Stage 15
 Dreux->SQY stage15 stage15 stage15

See Control Locations in the left sidebar for location of the controls.

You can send comments or questions to: Don Bennett .